​Osteopaths treat pretty much anyone! Including:

  • ​Adults​ 
  • Babies & children
  • Sports people
  • Pregnant & post partum ladies
  • Elderly people



​Osteopaths can help a wide range of problems. Here is a list of the most common things that patients come to see us about:

  • ​Low back pain
  • ​Neck pain
  • Wear & tear (arthritis) 
  • Sciatica & trapped nerves
  • Pelvic & back pain during pregnancy
  • Some respiratory, digestive & gynaecological problems 
  • ​Joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Sports injuries 
  • ​Whiplash
  • Developmental problems in the growing child
  • Infantile colic/stomach problems  

If you are unsure on whether we can help you please contact us and we will gladly discuss it with you.

  • Andrew Taylor Still founded osteopathy in 1874
  • There are 4907 registered UK osteopaths (2014)
  • It takes 4 or 5 (part time) years to become an osteopath
  • The British School of Osteopathy is the oldest osteopathic school in the UK

Osteopathic facts

  1. The body is a unit
  2. Structure governs function
  3. ​The body has its own medicine chest
  4. ​The rule of the artery is supreme

Osteopathic principles

Osteopathy is an alternative medicine in the form of manual therapy. Osteopaths use your medical history, observation and palpation to diagnosis your problem(s) and hands on treatment and advice to treat you. All osteopathy treatment and advice is specific to you; we treat no two people the same!

Osteopaths work in the premise that the body cannot be split into parts and therefore one area of the body can affect all of the other parts. For example if you have knee pain as well as treating your knee we may also treat your ankle and hip as any problems with these joints may be contributing to your symptoms.