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I first saw Charlotte when I had a sudden attack of sciatica, compounded by neck and shoulder pain. Since Charlotte started treating me I have had freedom of movement in my neck and shoulders, and a marked decrease in headaches relating to the neck,shoulder and back problems, which date back around thirty years. I am pleased to recommend her gentle and effective treatment, as it has benefited me so much.

PH, Creaton, Northamptonshire. 

Charlotte Penney is the most incredible osteopath. I was recommended to her by a friend after returning from skiing last year with very painful knees! After only two sessions I was free from pain. Incredible! My husband has also been to Charlotte for a bad back. Again after two sessions back to normal!

All this is good in itself but! This year I fell skiing and fractured my humerus and totally shattered my shoulder. Three hour operation putting metal and pins in my arm. Back to Charlotte and my surgeon in London cannot believe how much the movement in my arm has improved thanks to the treatment I am receiving from her. I would recommend her very very highly. She is fantastic.
Lauretta Ridley

​I came to Charlotte with agony in my back. After a brief medical history she examined me and realised part of my issue was due to the fact I had broken my toe when I was 7 and have never been physically able to put my big toe down on the ground properly. I am now 40 something - that is a long time to not walk properly, let alone run!

This was a revelation for me and made so much sense of all the running injuries I have had since training for the London Marathon over 6 years ago.Charlotte manipulated my toe which was such a relief. She also treated my back, hip and neck and I can now stand up straight again without stooping. I had a follow up consultation within 2 weeks and have had no issues with anything since.  

Charlotte gave me exercises to strengthen my toe and using her advice I am now running again successfully and hope to get back to 20 miles a week and lose 3 stone in weight. All this would not be possible if I had not sought Charlotte's help, she has truly changed my life. I would have no hesitation in recommending Charlotte, thanks again Rockingham Forest Osteopaths. Osteopathy has meant that I will never have to look elsewhere again!

Kenny Hodge, Corby.